There are many game design college institutions to choose from in the United States. Each school offers a different set of courses at different levels of tuition costs and offer either a Bachelor's degree or diploma. Before applying to a particular college, however, the enrollee must keep in mind that there are some admission requirements for each school.

It's a common practice for a school to require some type of art portfolio submission so they can see the skill level of the individual as an artist, and also see how much potential he has to grow as an artist. The main goal in enrolling on a game school is to get a professional demo reel and portfolio in order to start applying for jobs at a game studio. Therefore, one must choose his school carefully and research as many of them as possible. Here are some of the best game design college institutions in the country:

DigiPen Institute of Technology- Digipen offers a 2-year Bachelor's of Art and Bachelor's of Science Degree in Game Design. Their curriculum concentrates on the development of skills in drawing, color, animation, math, physics, computer science, 2D and 3D level/environment/character design. They also require the student to enroll in general education classes like Psychology, English, World History, Economics, and Law.

Vancouver Film School (VFS) - VFS offers a 1-year program in Game Design and the student will receive a diploma in Game Design upon the successful completion of their program. Their curriculum includes Game Theory, Level Design, Cinematics, 3D modeling in 3DS Max, Scripting, Motion Capture, Storyboarding, Flash, Creative Writing, and Team Management.

Collins College - Collins College offers a Bachelor of Art degree program that can be completed in as little as 10 months. Their curriculum includes lessons in C++, Java, 3DS Max, Modelling, Level Design, and Programming.

Westwood College - Westwood offers a Bachelor's of Science in Game Art & Design. Their curriculum includes 3D Modeling, Animation, Color Theory, Cinematography, Art History, Creative Thinking, Psychology, and Career Management. Westwood is one of the few game schools that teach both Maya and 3DS Max, which will allows the student to work in his preferred format. Westwood also offers courses online, making it even easier for the student to make that decision to start his education in Game Art & Design.

The Art Institutes (AI) - AI offers a 3-year Bachelor's of Science degree in Game Art & Design. Their curriculum includes Drawing, Perspective, Animation, Color Theory, Anatomy, Character, and Level Design, as well as Programming, Storyboarding, and Networking.

Full Sail University - Full Sail offers a 21-month Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art and a separate Bachelor of Science degree in Game Development. Their curriculum includes, Art History, Character Rigging, Animation, Demo Reel creation, English, Psychology, 3D Modeling, Level Design, Scripting, Linear Algebra, Engine Development, Programming, OpenGL, and DirectX.